Welcome to Orki Organik

We have noticed when we were reviewing current law and regulations, regarding uncultivated non forestry areas belonging to government. We  discovered walnut.

Some of our Friends, and their friends formed searching group looking for suitable land finalizing at MANİSA Gördes province.

We met our dear friend Hasan Ali in year 2010. Other employees were Gürcan,  Sadık, Yusuf, Ahmet and local temporary hands from local area were our greatest supporters.

With the organized work performed by us, we founded companies, ORCE Organic  walnut and mining S.A. with 1.200 acres walnut cultivation and 400 acres Cherry cultivation.

With climatic specialty and untouched nature   which is so much suitable for walnut and cherry plantations production is expected to increase over years. We will be able to present to you, our clear consumers, with reasonable prices of natural fruits and special from local are with most secure and trusted.